The Social Services Home for Adults in Lehnice provides social services in the form of year-round residence for women from 18 years of age. Social service is provided to a natural person who is dependent on assistance from another individual.

Capacity if this Institution is 63 beds.

The Social Services Home provides: 

Professional (specialized) activities:

  • social counseling,
  • nursing care,
  • occupational therapy,
  • social rehabilitation,
  • assistance to persons in need of physical assistance from another individual,
  • assistance in exercising of rights and legally protected interests. 

Operating – service activities:

  • accommodation, 
  • catering,
  • cleaning,
  • washing, ironing and laundry and clothing maintenance.

Other activities:

  • hobbies,
  • cultural activities,
  • recreational activities.

Professional activities, service activities and conditions for other activities that improve the quality of social services are performed and created in this Social Services Home.

Providing of social services is for full or partial payment, taking into consideration the total income of the recipient of the social services and her financial/proprietary circumstances. Reimbursement is paid for meals, housing (accommodation), assistance to people who are dependent on or need assistance from another individual with the necessary acts of life, washing, ironing, laundry and clothing maintenance. Catering is provided 5 times a day, i.e. breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, in the case of diabetics - 6 times a day, that is also the second dinner. The residents of the Home (hereinafter “the Clients”) are placed in 2 -3-bed rooms, which are full of light and they are spacious.

15 medical (health) employees ensure the healthcare service to our clients. Our clients are grouped into ergo-therapeutic groups where they work under the direction of our employees. This work is focused on motorial improvement, practicing the basic hygiene habits, skills training, self-servicing, training of mind and occupational therapy. Each group has its own therapeutic room, where the clients work with all kinds of materials and different techniques. In many cases, we help this way to achieve by our clients the feeling of their self-realization and importance in the system of active being - functioning in a certain community.

Our clients can enjoy also various hobbies and spare time activities: e.g. sport and the clients have the option of working in clubs of interest - in the literary drama club,  needlework/handiwork and craftwork, fine art activities, listening to music, dance club, leisurely strolls and walks.

Our clients produce small objects and gifts – according to their capacity and ability, which are presented by the Home at various events and sales markets.

We do organize for the clients of our Home various trips abroad, trips in Slovakia, as well as day trips to surrounding localities and villages.